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“Innovations can make life better. It brings businesses new opportunities – and gives customers more choices and new freedoms. That's exactly what we do at Forever Chemical Company. By constantly exploring new scientific frontiers and reinventing new chemical processes, we are able to provide advanced materials in volumes of desired quality with best performance-to-price ratio.”

Forever Chemical Company Ltd.


Corporate Profile

Forever Chemical Company Ltd. is one of Taiwan 's leading chemical companies with a leadership position in the research and development of advanced materials technology. The company offers a diverse range of products in the field of advance materials, IT-related chemicals, basic dietary chemicals, and pharmaceutical products, each of which is supported by a network of technology centers working closely with customers to develop new products.


Since its establishment in 1975, our Organic Chemical Group has built up a strong and diversified base of customers in the Food & Beverage, dietary supplementary and pharmaceutical sectors. While expanding current business worldwide and aggressively pursuit for significant innovations, our Company has established an Advanced Materials Group in 2003 in collaboration with Taiwan 's leading advance materials research institution, Particulate Materials Research Center (PMRC) of National Cheng Kung University, in Taiwan .


Aiming to become the pioneering leader in advanced Materials Science, we have dedicated our efforts in Research & Development by helping our customers add values to their products as well as reinventing new manufacturing processes for commercial-scale production. As of today, we have successfully utilized the patented, paten-pending, and proprietary technology to produce both standard and customized particle size nanocrystalline alumina at commercial quantities as well as other advanced nanomaterials at experimental quantities ready for customer samplings.


Working in close cooperation with our customers, we continuously develop new products and services that provide tailor-made solutions promoting customer success. Our customers come to rely on Forever Chemical's unique technology base and on our people's outstanding expertise – from R&D to logistics, from engineering to customer service.


Forever Chemical Company Ltd. is accredited under the ISO9002 accreditation system and all of the products have been manufactured under stringent controlled environment to ensure top quality products. And some of our nanomaterial products are approved by FDA for use as part of active ingredients in personal care products.

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